Thursday, June 25, 2015

TVO issues statement regarding Wynne documentary

In a release via Canada News Wire, TVO said:
In its notification to White Pine Pictures, TVO noted that:
  • A completed documentary with a director attached to the project was not delivered. Director Roxana Spicer formally resigned in writing from the White Pine Pictures' project. The lack of a director is a fundamental deficiency for a documentary production;
  • A documentary consistent with TVO's journalistic standards for editorial integrity, independence and quality, as required by the Agreement, was not delivered;
  • A documentary fully cleared as required by the Agreement was not delivered. As White Pine Pictures informed TVO, signed access agreements and accompanying releases for several figures who participated were not obtained;
  • A documentary with Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance as required by the Agreement was not delivered. White Pine Pictures informed TVO that it would not be seeking E&O insurance without the signed access agreements and accompanying releases, and;
  • A finished documentary which met the terms of our Agreement in a timely manner to allow for our scheduled air date as agreed was not delivered. 
White Pine Pictures continues to be the owner of the content of the project. TVO does not have copies of the project in our possession.
As part of TVO's broadcast license, TVO is required to operate independently and at arm's length from government and to exercise full editorial independence. This requirement is strictly adhered to in all cases.
Link to full text of TVO statement

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