Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Arthur Kent awarded $200K in defamation lawsuit against Postmedia, Don Martin

Arthur Kent has won his defamation lawsuit against Don Martin and Postmedia, the CBC reports.
Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf awarded Kent $200,000 in general damages — $150,000 in general damages from Martin and Postmedia and another $50,000 from Postmedia for continuing to keep Martin's column online.
"Its continued availability and the potential for it to be viewed online until November 2012 caused significant ongoing stress to Mr. Kent," wrote Strekaf in her 60-page decision.
"He suffered substantial distress and damage as a result of the defamatory factual statements in the article that were not saved by the defences of justification or responsible communications on matters of public interest."
Kent — who was nicknamed the "Scud Stud" for his reporting for the American network NBC during the Persian Gulf War — has waged a prolonged lawsuit against Don Martin, Postmedia and the National Post over an article written during his bid for a seat as a Progressive Conservative in the 2008 Alberta election.

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