Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Author Steven Galloway fired from UBC after investigation of ‘serious allegations’

Te Globe and Mail's Marsha Lederman reports:
"Award-winning Canadian author Steven Galloway has been terminated by the University of British Columbia, which cited 'a record of misconduct that resulted in an irreparable breach of the trust.'
"Philip Steenkamp, the university’s vice-president of external relations would not disclose the nature of the allegations, which were identified as 'serious' when Mr. Galloway was suspended last November as chair of the creative writing program and associate professor.
"His termination – which comes without a severance or package, according to UBC – follows a months-long investigation by the university and a retired judge who was brought in to oversee the file.
"Mr. Galloway is the best-selling author of novels such as The Cellist of Sarajevo and The Confabulist. When reached by The Globe and Mail on Wednesday morning, he said he was unable to comment on the investigation or the outcome."

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