Thursday, June 30, 2016

Craig Oliver's reporter daughter kicked out of Gatineau courtroom over dress

CTV Ottawa's Annie Bergeron-Oliver says she was kicked out of the Gatineau courthouse because her skirt was too short and her shoulders were exposed.
She was in court to cover a manslaughter case Thursday morning when a male police officer approached her and said she'd have to step out.
"Of course, I'm confused. I don't have my cell phone out. I'm not eating. I don't think I've broken any rules," she told CFRA's Ottawa Now. "So he pulls me outside and says 'I'm sorry. Your skirt is too short. ' "
Bergeron-Oliver says she asked the bailiffs what the Quebec courtroom rule specifically said. They said it was only that people had to be dressed respectfully and the no-shoulders or over-the-knee dress rule was of their own interpretation.
"It's not an actually written rule," she said.
Bergeron-Oliver says she almost missed getting her story because of rules she says she didn't know existed.
"I've never been through this before so for me it was a little be frustrating and kind of shocking, to be honest."
Ms Bergeron-Oliver is the daughter of veteran CTV reporter Craig Oliver.
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