Thursday, January 26, 2017

"The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age."

Edward Greenspon, president of the Public Policy Forum, today released.
 The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age.
He stated that it "shows a news industry in deep crisis and our democracy at a crossroads when it comes to the vital civic function of news."
  • The economic degradation of traditional media, which still produces most of the news, is deepening;
  • The development of digital-only news providers, who might be called on to fill the gap, is slow and uncertain;
  • Audience and attention fragmenting to the point of harming the shared base of knowledge and understanding on which a nation depends for its commonweal;
  • Digital news revenues going disproportionately to distributors over producers, particularly to a pair of global giants that employ no reporters and shun the responsibilities of publishers;
  • The streams of news that informs citizens becoming polluted by fake news laced with lies, hate and even possible manipulations by foreign powers.
The Report can be downloaded here

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