Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why the White House press corps has outlived its usefulness

Mathew Ingram writes in Fortune magazine:
'A number of important issues surround President-elect Donald Trump as he prepares to take office including potential conflicts of interest involving his business empire. Given that, it seems more
crucial than ever for the press to keep a close eye on him and the actions of his new administration.
"But is the traditional White House press corps the best way to do that?
Historically, the White House beat was seen as a plum assignment for the best in the profession. It was filled with a daily flood of newsworthy events, close-up meetings with the president, and access to behind-the-scenes color that informed the way the nation saw the president and his administration. "But much of that has changed in the era of always-on social media, to the point where some wonder whether the traditional press corps has outlived its usefulness.
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