Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Paul Adams in iPolitics on the new CBC National

Paul Adams writes:
"No newscast can be judged by its first edition. CBC-TV’s The National re-launched last night with a fleet of new anchors, cool, modern-looking graphics — and the usual first-night glitches.
"However, its character will be defined not just by the months of planning that went into Night One but the reaction of audiences (and perhaps even critics), intense rounds of internal self-examination, and the thousands upon thousands of decisions, big and small, made by scores of reporters and producers night after night after night.
"Still, this first newscast gives us a glimpse of what CBC’s news service hopes will be its future. There are at least three goals that we know about at work behind the new National. The first is to reimagine what a flagship nightly newscast should be in an age when we are bombarded by news daily from the moment we wake up. The second is to weave The National brand through the CBC’s burgeoning news platforms. And the third is to attract new audiences, particularly among the young."
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