Monday, January 8, 2018

CRTC urged to investigate telecom sales tactics

The CRTC is being urged to hold a public inquiry into the sales practices of the country’s major telecommunications service providers.
The formal request to the federal regulator comes from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), an Ottawa-based non-profit group that often battles with Canada’s major telecommunications service providers.
PIAC executive director John Lawford on Monday called for CRTC chairperson Ian Scott to investigate recent media reports about high-pressure sales tactics used by least one major company.
“Many of these aggressive sales practices appear to have targeted vulnerable consumers, including older Canadians, grieving spouses and blind customers,” Lawford writes.
His letter refers to a CBC news investigation in November that began with allegations by Andrea Rizzo, a Bell call centre employee in Scarborough, who said she was under intense pressure to make a sale on every call.
The CBC reported later that it had received emails from dozens of Bell customers with various complaints and that a “flood” of Bell employees, past and present, had followed Rizzo’s lead in speaking out about the stress they felt from pressure to meet sales targets.(CP)
Full CP story

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