Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toronto councillor Doug Ford calls Star's reporting tactics ‘ruthless’

Questions over the possibility of curtailing journalists’ access at City Hall got personal Tuesday when Councillor Doug Ford lashed out and described one local newspaper’s reporting tactics as “ruthless.” Councillor Ford, the mayor’s brother, made the complaints about the Toronto Star during a meeting of the city’s government management committee, which was discussing security concerns raised by journalists’ free access to councillors’ office. Besides excessive freedom of information requests, Mr. Ford also alleged a Toronto Star reporter followed his 76-year-old mother to a neighbour’s house, and inquired what Diane Ford had dropped off. A Star spokesman denied this. The government management committee voted to direct staff and the press gallery president to implement a code of conduct for its members. The decision is subject to council approval. Click on the title to read the NatPost story.

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