Friday, July 8, 2011

"Die, Tabloid, Die!" N.Y. Daily News crows.

From front-page splashes to slim stories buried inside, readers of London and New York newspapers owned by News Corp were greeted on Friday with varied coverage of the shutdown of Rupert Murdoch's weekly News Of The World.
The Sun, which dominates the British tabloid market during the week in the way the News of the World did on Sundays, splashed the closing of its 168-year-old sister paper due to a scandal involving controversial reporting tactics under the front-page headline "World's End."
Friday's front page exposure marked a departure from The Sun's previous practice of making little mention of the phone-hacking scandal.
Murdoch's Manhattan-based tabloid, the New York Post, buried its Friday story inside its business section with a slim nine-paragraph story on page 29 under the headline "The End of News of the World." Rival the New York Daily News ran a page 3 story: "Die, Tabloid, Die!"

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