Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The coming boom in ghost writing: Barbara Kay

NatPost columnist sees new opportunities for some of those j-school grads the universities are cranking out into a zero job market. Excerpt:
"My cousin and sister predate the Boomer generation by a few years, but it occurs to me that as successful Boomers start retiring, the next big thing in publishing may be a tsunami of amateur memoir writing. Call them Boomoirs. . . .
"That’s good news for young journalists, struggling to establish a sustainable beachhead in our profession’s economically straitened times. Who’s a demanding Boomer with high standards but no writing experience gonna call when he has a story to tell? Ghostwriters! (Cue theme song.) . .
(Interesting thought but we are not sure it's a chore for j-school grads, However, we know a few "retired" scribes who have taken this up as a post-employment career.)

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