Friday, June 29, 2012

Senator Patrick Brazeau picks fight with APTN reporter over story about sexual harassment allegations

Senator Patrick Brazeau, in the news this week for calling a parliamentary reporter a bitch, launched another Twitter attack on a journalist on Thursday, this time over a story about allegations of sexual harassment.
Subsequently, Brazeau took his twitter account offline.
The APTN national news story references a lawsuit in federal court between Mr. Brazeau and a former junior staffer at the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, who alleges the Conservative senator, at the time the Congress’ national chief, sexually harassed her when he was drunk.
Alisa Lombard, the complainant, alleges her boss tried to kiss her after a drunken Christmas party. Her cell phone later received 15 missed calls she feared were from Mr. Brazeau.
According to the story, the Canadian Human Rights Commission decided not to hear Ms. Lombard’s complaint because the Congress isn’t within its jurisdiction. Ms. Lombard wants the Federal Court to overturn that decision.
Angry about the story’s contents, Mr. Brazeau criticized reporter Jorge Barrera about it on Twitter.

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