Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleveland Plain Dealer staff launch campaign to save the daily newspaper

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's future as a daily newspaper is in jeopardy. The Cleveland newspaper, which is owned by Advance Publications, has seen the writing on the wall for some time. Diminishing subscriptions and ad sales, along with the changes that Advance Publications' has made with some of their other major dailies, puts the paper in peril of losing its daily status.

In a last ditch attempt to stave off the possibly inevitable switch to a reduced print schedule, staff at the Plain Dealer have launched a "Save The Plain Dealer" campaign.
Beginning on Sunday, billboards, bus placards, and advertisements will be seen around town alerting readers to dramatic changes in the newspaper industry and the possible consequences of Cleveland being without a daily newspaper. The ads assert that newspapers as we know them are in peril, and ask people to make their feelings known to the paper's owners.

The "Save The Plain Dealer" campaign is being led by members of Newpaper Guild Local One, which represents about 170 writers, photographers, designers, and other newsroom staff at the PD.

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