Friday, August 23, 2013

Harrowing tale of a U.S. photographer who escaped Syrian captivity

C.J Chivers of The New Yorki Times writes:
"Matthew Schrier was helpless. An American photographer held in a rebel-controlled prison in the Syrian city of Aleppo, he and a fellow prisoner had been caught trying to gouge a hole in their cell’s wooden door. The captors took his cellmate, he said, beat him, and brought him back with blood-streaked ankles and feet.
"Now was Mr. Schrier’s turn.
"Wearing masks, his jailers led him out, sat him down and forced a car tire over his knees. They slid a wooden rod behind his legs, locking the tire in place. Then they rolled him over. Mr. Schrier was face down on a basement floor, he said, legs immobilized, bare feet facing up.
“'Give him 115,'one of his captors said in English, as they began whipping his feet with a metal cable.

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