Monday, August 12, 2013

Hill Times on journalists vying for seat in Commons

Chrystia Freeland, Linda McQuaig and Jennifer Hollett are fighting to be the Liberal Party and NDP’s respective candidates in Toronto Centre. Green Party deputy leader Georges Laraque, a former NHL hockey player, is also a candidate in an upcoming Bourassa, Que., byelection
There are a number of star candidates vying for party nominations to contest byelections in three federal ridings, but the number of journalists battling for Toronto Centre shows how politics is changing, says Norman Spector. “Here you have high-profile, media-friendly, and serious people in the sense that they know how to communicate serious ideas. It’s so counter-intuitive to everything we’ve been experiencing in Canadian politics,” Mr. Spector, former diplomat and former chief of staff to former PM Brian Mulroney, told The Hill Times. Communications have always been of paramount importance in politics, he said, and elections have always featured star candidates, although he admitted “we are no longer talking about the great oratory of Lincoln—we are now talking about a good turn of phrase or an eight-second clip” because of television. The story

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