Friday, October 17, 2014

As a court deliberates if Jan Wong owes The Globe $209K, it’s still unclear why she did what she did: NatPost columnist

The National Post's Chris Selley writes about Jan Wong:
Jan Wong
"It would be intriguing to know why she did what she did in her 2012 memoir, Out of the Blue — namely, reveal that the Globe had sent her a 'big fat cheque' as part of a bitterly contested settlement over her long-term absence from work for depression and subsequent termination. Trouble is, that settlement prohibited the parties from disclosing its terms.
The Globe complained to an arbitrator. The Globe won. And now Ms. Wong owes The Globe $209,000.
"At the Ontario Divisional Court in Toronto on Thursday and Friday, her lawyers argued to quash the repayment order. They argue “there’s a reasonable apprehension that there was a question of impartiality” with respect to arbitrator Louisa Davie, and they argue union counsel representing Ms. Wong botched the case. They want Ms. Wong herself and her own representation, not the union’s, to have standing in a new arbitration hearing."
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