Saturday, January 23, 2016

Does democracy need newspapers? Maybe not so much says J-school head

Interesting piece by Kelly Toughill, former writer and editor at The Toronto Star who is currently director of the School of Journalism at University of King's College in Nova Scotia:
"It felt like a tipping point this week when Postmedia merged newsrooms in Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary and the Toronto Star confirmed the imminent closing of its printing plant in Vaughan.
"Ninety jobs gone at Postmedia and 13 at the Star – with more to come. 'Journalists are vital to our democracy,' tweeted Justin Trudeau. 'I’m saddened to hear of the cuts at #postmedia today and my thoughts are with the affected.'
" Yes, another lousy week for journalists, but why is the prime minister sharing our pain? After all, 250 potash workers in New Brunswick lost their jobs the same day and there was little official mourning.
" Well, newspapers are essential to democracy, right?
"Not really."
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