Sunday, January 10, 2016

TVO's "Agenda" to be broken into chunks to target social media and mobiles

The Star's Martin Knelman writes about changes at "The Agenda." Excerpt:
" . . . times have changed since 1992, when Paikin was lured away from the CBC, and even since 2006, when The Agenda was launched. Now the objective is to expand the show’s reach by making it easy for people to experience it on multiple platforms.
“'We know a lot of people like what we do,' explains John Ferri, vice-president of current affairs and documentaries at TVO. 'We also know people like to share smart content on social media. We want them to find us on the platform of their choosing, including Facebook and Twitter. So we have come up with a new format featuring segments that work as well in shorter takes online as they do as part of an hour-long broadcast.'
"Here’s why. The Agenda is the provincial public broadcaster’s flagship current affairs show, looking at local and global issues from a distinctively Ontario perspective. It claims a weekly audience of 630,000 (or just over 125,000 a night). But that audience consists mostly of viewers 65 or older, and there’s little hope of increasing the number of people who watch it on their TV sets."
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