Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kevin O’Leary promises $1M to Canadian oil if Notley steps down; why is this clown on TV?

The Star and CP report that finance guru Kevin O’Leary says he’ll invest $1 million in Canadian oil industries — if NDP Premier Rachel Notley resigns.
The former Dragon’s Den host amd CBC News commentator and host was speaking on Newstalk 1010’s Live Drive radio program about the downturn in the Canadian dollar and economy, largely caused by sinking oil prices.
“I mean no disrespect when I say this but here’s my offer: I’ll invest $1 million in Canadian energy companies if out of grace and for the absolute good of Canada the premier of Alberta resigns,” O’Leary said.
“I wouldn’t touch them now because she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” “Please step down, please, do it for Canadians,” he begged. O’Leary attributed layoffs and the plummeting dollar on the inexperience of Notley’s government and poor policy choices, specifically, hikes in corporate tax rate and uncertainty about royalties. "
(Did anyone ask why this clown was on CBC Newsworld for many years?)

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