Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stephen LeDrew permanently suspended from CityTV

As the Sun's Joe Warmington describes in his imitable prose:
"Stephen LeDrew was so sure he would be back on his popular CP24 Live at Noon show he had two special guests lined up for the day of his return following a one-week suspension.
"TTC boss Andy Byford and former foreign affairs minister Peter MacKay were booked. LeDrew had his coloured glasses and bow tie picked out.
The comeback didn’t happen. Instead, the former Toronto mayoral candidate said he was called into an office where “people were snarling at me.” It turns out the suspension for his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s FOX News program is not the only punishment.
“'I was fired,' said LeDrew. 'Fired for cause for violating our competition clause. Merry Christmas.'”

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