Monday, November 28, 2011

Huffington Post editor answers "Why Canada?" in CNN interview

Evidently some Americans were scratching their head about why the Huffington Post would start a Canadian edition as a spearhead to international expansion. Editor Daniele Crittenden explainst it all in an interview on CNN.
The HuffPost's move brings back memories of TIME Canada -- the mag's Canadian edition that featured four to eight pages of Canadian news from the 1940s until the Trudeau government scuttled it in 1976. It had Canadian status as a publication and was always a thorn in the eyes of cultural nationalists who claimed that it hogged advertising that rightfully belonged to them. Maclean's cautiously waited until TIME Canada was dead a buried before going weekly. We do not see the same outcry about the digital-only HuffPost. How the world has changed! (Disclosure: Peter Rehak was Time Canada's Toronto bureau chief in the final year and before that its correspondent in Ottawa.)

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