Friday, November 25, 2011

OpenFile packs it in in Hamilton

The news web page OpenFile that started abouta year ago to cover local news in cities across Canada, has announced that itis ending its operation in Hamilton, Ontario.
“With great sadness, after nearly a year of operation in the Hammer, I’m sorrysay we won’t publish new content on the Hamilton site after Sunday’s CFL game.Existing stories and blog posts will remain online indefinitely, but all newadditions will be suspended,” OpenFile’s CEO, Wilf Dinick wrote in a post..
OpenFile is still very much astartup business. In order for it to thrive, we have to focus our resourceswhere we are successful. We will continue to expand our team and our network ofsites across Canada, and we look forward to new opportunities in 2012. We’resorry Hamilton won’t be a part of that."
The post gave no reason for the move.
Open File's Toronto page can be seen here:
OpenFile started by having local people suggest strories and then sent its reporters to cover them. It has recently expanded into aggregating news from other sites. Launching such a site across Canada is an ambitious undertaking but it seems to us that it is still trying to focus on what it wants to be. Hamilton is well-served by the Hamilton Spectator and the local TV station, Channel 11, that covers local news extensively.

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