Thursday, September 27, 2012

National Newspaper Awards to welcome submissions from online news outlets

The National Newspaper Awards announced that online-only news sites will now be eligible to compete for Canada's top journalism prize.
Eligible sites, such as Yahoo and the Huffington Post, publish original content on a regular basis and share characteristics with traditional daily newspapers without producing a physical publication.
The NNA board says websites that publish news for a specific geographic region will be eligible to compete in the local reporting category.
The National Newspaper Awards will be following a course set by the Pulitzer Prizes, which has been recognizing U.S.-based Internet-only news sites since 2008.
The NNA board says online news outlets are welcome to make submissions for the 2013 round of awards and must apply to enter by Dec. 1.
Scott White, chairman of the NNA board of governors and editor-in-chief of The Canadian Press, said the decision to recognize a more modern form of news outlet marks a positive step forward for the NNA program, which has been honouring Canada's best journalistic work for the past 64 years.

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