Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who will replace Christine Bentley on CTV Toronto's newscast?

CTV Toronto will announce the replacement for Christine Bentley on Monday, the company says. The much-liked Bentley has announced her retirement and Friday was her last day. Those guessing who might get the nod for the early evening anchor slot have many capable local news reporter/anchors to consider. Left, Tamara Cherry, a bright and young reporter who broke into her craft at the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun. Centre, Michelle Dube is a Franshawe College graduate who found her way to CTV by way of Hamilton's CHCH.  Right, the durable and capable Andria Case is a CTV Toronto veteran who knows the role well. Of course, exercises like this are more like parlour games than the slightest glimpse into the minds of the Bell pashas who have mad the decision. They may parachute a surprise personality into the chair. No need to say that Monday's early evening news will be well-watched.

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