Monday, April 1, 2013

Columbia j-school looks ahead in an age of disruption

New York Times piece by David Carr on the appointment of Steve Coll as the new dean at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism:

"Three things about that critique: Mr. Coll turned out to be more right than wrong; I was the one who was making fun of him, writing at The Washington City Paper; and I have since worn a hat cam. (It’s not a good look on anybody, by the way, but the video was impressive.)
"We now work in a future he thought a lot about. I was chatting with my colleague John Schwartz, who had just been working as part of The New York Times’s multimedia blitz on the Supreme Court’s consideration of gay marriage by doing Web updates, explanatory annotations to audio excerpts and video spots. “None of the things I spent the last three days doing existed when I came into the business,” he pointed out. That goes for me as well."

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