Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Newspaper reporter named worst job in United States

Newspaper reporter earned the number 200 position — landing below lumberjack — in the annual Career Cast rankings. The company said that print journalists suffer from high stress and a difficult work environment. Not to mention the ranking for their chance at a promising career future falls into the negatives.
Career Cast lists the average income of US newspaper reporters at $35,275, considerably less than the higher-ranked job of photojournalist. However, photojournalists still fall near the bottom of the job list at slot number 188, slightly behind radio and television broadcasters.
The best job in America, according to the list, is actuary. Despite all those probability calculations of death and destruction, the rankings indicate actuaries have a relatively low-stress work environment and a high chance of employment at a high wage.

(Good thing it's only in the U.S., eh?) :))

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