Saturday, July 20, 2013

Epoch Times says Star bundling communism

Toronto is experiencing something of an old-fashioned newspaper war these days, albeit somewhat one-sided. The Falun Gong-owned Epoch Times newspaper is currently running a five-column banner headline declaring "Communism bundled with Toronto Star". It's catchy for sure. You have to understand there is nothing that the Epoch Times likes less than communism. The PRC government reciprocates the feeling toward Falun Gong, a super-busy religious organization which the Chinese accuse of everything from treason to cultism. Falun Gong say the PRC has murdered thousands of its members but the Chinese ask where are the bodies. Back to Toronto. The Times story says the Star has accepted for distribution with the paper a copy of the China Daily, an English-language publication owned by the Chinese Communist Party.  The Times quotes Star Communications Director Bob Hepburn as saying that its contract with the China Daily specifies the distribution of about 10,000 copies of the Chinese government publication each week. So the Times attack seems set to roll on. Even in the heyday of the Toronto newspaper wars,  The Tely never dared say the Star came bundled with communism even though that's what it thought.   

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