Saturday, July 6, 2013

Globe says it took action against Wong "on principle;" will donate the refunded payment to mental health

Excerpt from the Globe and Mail's story by Jeff Gray:

"The Globe, which was represented by lawyer Stephen Shamie, said in a statement that it took the action on principle, and that the repayment of the settlement funds would be donated to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.
“'The Globe and Mail took this action on principle to protect the confidentiality of private negotiations with both its union and its staff and to maintain a system which respects the privacy of personnel matters,' the statement reads. 'All personnel matters related to current and former staff must remain confidential for the sake of the employees. For that reason, The Globe has not responded to allegations made by Jan Wong and nor will it.'
"In an e-mail, Ms. Wong said she was 'extremely disappointed' with the ruling, called the arbitration process 'unfair,' and said the union 'refused to present all defences' against The Globe’s claim. She said her lawyers were reviewing the decision to advise her of the 'available courses of action.'"

The full Globe story

Link to "Out of the Blue"

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