Monday, July 13, 2015

Globe has noticed that staffers are leaving! "Retention remains big issue"

Memo to staff from the Globe's editor David Walmsley on "newsroom culture":
"In recent days there has been understandable focus on the people leaving The Globe and Mail. Some have left the industry entirely, others to new opportunities. Retention remains a big issue for us. We are committed to providing a work environment where all staff are encouraged to do their best work, where they feel their work is acknowledged on its merits, and where their ideas are respected. Our talent is our most precious commodity.
"We know from those we have recruited in recent months that The Globe remains a destination employer but we also recognise the need to double down to make The Globe a place where people want to stay in the long-term, particularly women. The investment of time and effort by the high-performing, high calibre staff in editorial takes a significant bump when somebody leaves. We want to encourage a better early warning system, a chance to reduce the obstacles and the exhaustion felt by so many."

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