Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journalists wonder if the Financial Times is safe in Nikkei's hands

Roy Grenslade of the Guardian writes:
"Why has Nikkei bought the Financial Times? What’s the logic of the Japanese media company’s very expensive acquisition? Business commentators, while acknowledging the financial sense in Pearson’s sell-off, appear concerned about the FT’s editorial independence in future.
"As far as the FT’s own Tokyo-based writers, Kana Inagaki and Leo Lewis, are concerned, it’s all about international expansion, “an attempt to turn a heavily domestic name into a global brand and survive the shift to digital journalism.”
"Noting that the deal came just four months after Nikkei appointed a new chief executive at the business newspaper, Naotoshi Okada, they argue that 'the company has struggled to build its name overseas, grappling with the same burden faced by other Japanese companies: a shrinking and ageing home market.'”
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