Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Star's Catherine Porter writes "apology" column about the Ezra Levant incident

"Many raise questions about my part in things that day. Why did I talk to Levant at all? Why did I do so with the camera rolling? "Good questions. My bad decisions — ones that have kept me awake many nights.
"People have suggested it might be unwise to mix my family and professional roles. This has given me great pause. I will think more about it.
"People have suggested there is a conflict between being a journalist and engaging in social activism. "Well, that’s what I do. I am a columnist who is also a social justice activist. I don’t always get involved in the causes I write about, but when I do, I am transparent about it — to my subjects and my readers. My bosses at the Star not only condone this, they encourage it.
"I should say also that Levant was quite right about the fact I misquoted my daughter in the column."
The full column

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