Thursday, July 9, 2015

Star publisher rejects reporter’s accusation

The Star's Jacques Gallant writes:
"On Wednesday, Star publisher John Cruickshank rejected Watson’s allegation in a staff memo.
“'(Watson) speculates that the Prime Minister’s Office and a former editor of The Globe and Mail’s editorial page have convinced the Star to constrain this reporting,' Cruickshank wrote. 'Let me publicly deny this extremely odd idea. There is no truth whatever to the suggestion.'
"Cruickshank went on to emphasize that the Star has never suppressed stories of significant public interest, and will never do so. As examples, he listed recent high-profile Star investigations into former Toronto mayor (open Rob Ford's policard)Rob Ford (open Rob Ford's policard) and ex-CBC host Jian Ghomeshi.
"Cruickshank also said this is 'fundamentally' a personnel matter, and as such, the company will keep details about the “employment relationship” confidential.
“'We regret that Paul has chosen to resign suddenly and to provide inaccurate information about the Star’s role in his decision,' Cruickshank said. 'Paul made many valuable contributions to the Star during his years with the newspaper and we wish him well.'”

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