Monday, July 13, 2015

New voices, new approaches expected in 2015 campaign coverage-excellent Hill Times story


"New media outlets on the Canadian political beat and resource-deprived traditional ones taking new approaches could make for election coverage this fall that’s less centered on the main trail and offers more variety for an increasingly splintered audience. . . .

"New social media applications like Periscope, which allows users to live-stream videos from smartphones, and Snapchat, which launched a live stories section last year, are opening up new platforms for media to deliver content and come with their own pre-existing user bases.
"At the same time, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly helping to shape that content by providing a venue for reporters and readers across the country to connect and engage.
"Political parties in general have also increasingly clamped down on media access in recent years, with interactions more scripted than ever before and questions limited—making media organizations question the value of forking over tens of thousands of dollars to send reporters on leaders’ tours. . ."
The full Hill Times story

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