Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Elizabeth May to tweet her way into Globe and Mail debate

The Green Party leader plans to muscle her way into the conversation, at least online, with the help of Twitter.
The party is teaming up with the social media company to swiftly film and Tweet May's video responses to statements by the three invited leaders.
The Globe and Mail asked  Harper, Tom Mulcair and  Justin Trudeau to discuss economic issues Thursday evening at Calgary's Stampede Park.
May and her team will be hunkered down in a Victoria church with Twitter's Steve Ladurantaye, creating a steady stream of video remarks, retorts and reality checks.
People watching the debate on the Canadian Parliamentary Affairs Channel or at won't see or hear May.
But the idea is to engage Canadians following the debate on Twitter, including many who will have their TV remote in one hand and their smartphone or tablet in the other.
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