Thursday, September 24, 2015

La Presse laying off 158 as weekday printed edition ends

Montreal La Presse is laying off 158 employees as it prepares to eliminate its weekday printed newspaper in January, The Canadian Press reports.
The French-language newspaper says it is cutting 102 permanent and 56 temporary positions.
They include 43 newsroom positions.
However, La Presse says it will still have the largest newsroom in Quebec with 283 employees compared with 239 in 2011, before it began hiring to create a digital offering called La Presse Plus.
The job cuts include unionized, non-unionized and management positions. La Presse says the departure of unionized positions will be determined in accordance with collective agreements, including seniority.
After the job cuts, the paper will have 633 permanent positions.
The print edition of the 131-year-old paper will only be available on Saturdays after Jan. 1.

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