Saturday, September 12, 2015

National Geographic fans worry about partnership with climate change skeptic Rupert Murdoch

The Washngton Post's Sarah Kaplan reports:
Last month, Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter to vent his frustration about an upcoming United Nations climate summit in New York.
A week later, he blamed “extreme greenies” for hindering economic growth. “Seems beyond reason,” he wrote.
On Wednesday, Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox paid $725 million for 73 percent control of a partnership with National Geographic’s media arm, giving Murdoch and his media empire sway over the magazine revered for its science coverage.
[National Geographic gives Fox control of media assets in $725 million deal]
That has the magazine’s fans worried.
But outside onlookers, pointing to scientists’ criticism of Murdoch’s comments and Fox’s climate change coverage, gloomily speculated about the effect of the partnership on the magazine’s famous science journalism.

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