Friday, September 25, 2015

Former Star editor remembered for legendary caper in Canadian journalism

The Star's Mary Warren writes:
"One day in 1977, Alastair Dow and fellow Toronto Star editors Bruce Garvey and Jim Rennie decided over a booze-soaked lunch to fly to across the Atlantic, just because.
"In a story that’s become legendary in Canadian journalism, the details of which differ depending on who tells it, the three newspaper men eventually got sent home and landed in a whack of trouble with their bosses.
“'They just needed to go to England right away,' recalled Dow’s son, Rob, with a laugh.
“'There wasn’t a plan. They went over and someone at the Star had to collect them and send them back. They sent a hat around the airplane and begged for money.' It was a caper from another time and the stuff of old-time newspaper movies.
"Dow, the sole living member of the trio and a former Toronto Star business writer and political editor, died this week at age 77 after a long illness."
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