Friday, September 18, 2015

Former Olympic boss John Furlong wins defamation case

Former Vancouver Olympics CEO John Furlong did not defame a freelance journalist who reported on allegations he abused First Nations students, a judge ruled Friday,
CP reports that British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Catherine Wedge has released her written decision in a defamation lawsuit filed by freelance journalist Laura Robinson.
Wedge said she found no evidence that Furlong was motivated by malice and accepted his defence of qualified privilege, meaning he had the right to defend his reputation. She said the issue in the legal action was whether Furlong was entitled to respond in the way he did to Robinson’s published stories.
The woman’s articles could not be fairly characterized as simply reporting on another persons’ allegations against Furlong, her ruling stated.
“Rather, the publications constituted an attack by Ms. Robinson on Mr. Furlong’s character, conduct and credibility.”
Furlong issued a statement that said he was pleased with the ruling and thanked his family, friends and supporters for standing by him.
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