Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Don Martin now says only one person called Arthur Kent "Dud Stud"

 CP's Bill Graveland reports:
"A columnist who wrote a piece critical of Arthur Kent during an Alberta election campaign acknowledged during testimony Monday that a paragraph in his article was not true.
"Don Martin, Postmedia and the National Post, are being sued for defamation by Kent, who became known as the Scud Stud for his Gulf War reporting on U.S. television. Martin’s 2008 column was headlined ‘Scud Stud’ a ‘Dud’ on the Election Trail.
"While cross-examining Martin on Monday, Kent’s lawyer Michael Bates pointed to a paragraph that read: “Alberta Conservatives have bestowed problem candidate Arthur Kent with a less flattering designation as he noisily blusters his way through their reeling election campaign — the Dud Scud.”
“'Isn’t it the reality that one person — that you say you can’t remember — told you that Arthur Kent was the Dud Stud? It’s one person isn’t it?' Bates asked.
“'Could be,' Martin responded.
“'Your article characterizes it as a large group of Albertans have bestowed him with that new name and that’s not true, is it?' Bates persisted.
“'I’d write it differently today,' replied Martin.
“'You’d write it differently today because as it sits in Exhibit 1, it’s not true, correct?' Bates asked.
“'That paragraph is not true. Correct.'”
Link to full CP story

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