Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Globe's Simon Houpt trashes Q (the radio program)

Until the Ghomeshi scandal readers of this blog likely never heard of the CBC Radio program Q. The program was a success, especially with younger viewers. Ghomeshi was replaced by the rocker Shad and according to Simon Houpt, it's not working.
"But seven months in, it’s clear that Q still needs a strong hand at the wheel, someone who not only wants to drive but who knows where he wants to go. Shad’s written introductions are as stilted and flat as they were in April; he can’t seem to lift the words off the page. And the flaws in his interviewing style – in which he assiduously hews to a list of prepared questions and rarely follows up on anything his subjects say – have been sharply exposed during some recent high-profile sit-downs."
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