Thursday, December 24, 2015

John Doyle: From Harper’s sweater to Freeland’s red dress, it’s fair game

"This column’s recent Top Ten Most Irritating Canadians (TV-related) for 2015 irked JtG’s posse to no end. Apparently, mocking Chrystia Freeland for her ostentatious, repetitive wearing of a red dress is the work of a sexist 'journo pig' and is, in general, overt sexism of the worst sort. The sort that gets some people to claim they will never read this newspaper again, ever. Ever, ever, ever.
"No less an eminence than Gerald Butts, 'Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Trudeau,' weighed in on Twitter to admonish yours truly and to claim, for Freeland, 'She ended a 7 yr spat with our #1 trading partner in 30 days.' Right. That’s some magic red dress Freeland is wearing, obviously.
"Now you’d think the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Trudeau would have better things to do than engage with a TV critic’s tongue-in-cheek year-end column, and helping unleash Twitter-shaming, but it’s an illuminating incident, I think.
"No humour allowed, no mocking, no teasing! Is that the gist? You’re either a booster for the magical kingdom or you’re some kind of “journo pig.” "Next thing, merely rolling your eyes about the magical kingdom will be frowned upon."
(Amanda Lang tops Doyle's list. Freeland is only No. 7! -- the link above click through to the original.)

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