Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Globe's Simon Houpt on Trudeau's recasting of Canada image

The Globe and Mail's media reporter writes (excerpt):
"Mr. Trudeau’s appearance this week in two U.S. glossies – The New York Times Magazine and the high-fashion bible Vogue – gave new fuel to his critics, who will never forgive him his good hair.
"To them, he is and will remain the Selfie PM, more invested in perfecting his pout than his policies.
"But they overlook three insights underpinning his team’s apparent press strategy.
"First, Mr. Trudeau has a short window of opportunity in which to exploit the international media’s curiosity about him and thus kick-start a rebrand of Canada on the world stage.
"Second, all media are now international, which allows Mr. Trudeau to speak simultaneously to foreign audiences and supporters at home who might be a little bit thrilled to see him nestled amid the spreads of $10,000 winter coats, hot celebrities and cool cocktails.
"Third, outlets such as Vogue are natural platforms for the first Instagram prime minister.

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