Thursday, May 26, 2016

CBC executive fired in wake of Ghomeshi scandal sues broadcaster for ‘sacrificing’ him

The National Posts' Joseph Brean reports:
"A top CBC executive who was fired for his role as a key player in the Jian Ghomeshi affair claims he was politically scapegoated by the public broadcaster, and is suing for more than $700,000.
"Todd Spencer, 45, was executive director of human resources and industrial relations, and he led the CBC’s first internal investigation into Ghomeshi’s conduct, after inquiries were made by two journalists in June 2014.
"His lawsuit draws into doubt CBC’s claims that it has put the Ghomeshi matter to rest. It also promises further ugly revelations of what happened behind the scenes, if the case ever goes to court. CBC, for example, describes Spencer’s internal investigation as wholly insufficient, but Spencer alleges it was being substantially led and overseen by his superiors, up to the highest levels.
"In the lawsuit filed in Ontario Superior Court, he accuses CBC of publicly shaming and 'sacrificing' him 'to send a message to the Canadian public that the CBC takes matters of workplace harassment seriously.' He claims CBC concocted false excuses to fire him, including claims of dishonesty and negligence, in order to offset the ugly 'optics' of paying severance to a top employee over its own failure to prevent harassment by Ghomeshi.
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