Saturday, May 28, 2016

The sole woman in the Ottawa Press Gallery

Jennifer Ditchburn writes: (Excerpt)
"The weirdness, the novelty, of a woman reporting from the press gallery would persist well into the 1960s, as the institution was a primarily male one for most of its history. In the beginning, it was a proud association of newspapermen, who hung out playing cards, smoking and drinking with the politicians around the precinct, and who were often deeply involved in federal politics themselves – politics that didn’t include any female representatives until Agnes Macphail in 1921."
(Not all are identified in the Globe caption. -- extreme left is Geoff Scott (CHCH), Robert Hull of the Windsor Star (deceased), behind Lester Pearson is Ian MacDonald of the Vancouver Sun and to the left of  Ms Fairbairn is the late Fraser MacDougall of CP who lived till age 92!. )
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