Thursday, May 26, 2016

Level broadcast playing field, Ottawa urged

Canada should ease the regulatory burden on traditional broadcasters to create a level playing field with less encumbered digital streaming rivals, two policy think tanks said in separate reports this week, the Star's Michael Lewis reports.
“While traditional broadcasters have Canadian content quotas and funding taxes imposed on them, online broadcasters enjoy a much more flexible regulatory environment,” said Steven Globerman, a Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of a report released Wednesday called “Technological Change and its Implications for Regulating Canada Television Broadcasting Sector.”
The solution is not for the federal broadcast watchdog to impose new regulations on online TV and movie content, the report says, but rather to further deregulate Canada’s traditional broadcasting industry.
“With the explosion of online content, Canadians have a plethora of choices and options now available to them. Canadians will benefit from further deregulation,” Globerman said.

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