Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How mobile journalism is rising in popularity with journalists around the world

Interesting report in "journalism.co.uk." Excerpts:

"There have been significant developments in mobile journalism production over the past year, with many news organisations around the world altering their workflows to adapt to using new mobile technologies. . .

"Mobile journalism proved useful for Germany's leading news website Spiegel Online during the refugee crisis. The digital publisher was able to send 15 video reporters out to different locations all over Germany and each was able to produce video footage of a professional standard
Sandra Sperber, video reporter at Spiegel Online, initiated this video project that was produced solely on smartphones.
"She said that the success of the coverage was due to "keeping it simple" – some reporters had little experience using mojo tools, but stuck to just one or two apps that they were able to cope with and their work improved as the day went on."

The whole story

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