Sunday, April 24, 2011

BBC, under criticism, struggles to tighten Its belt -- NYT biz section takeout

The New York Times business section has a long piece on the BBC's financial woes. Click on the title to read the story.

It concludes:
Peter Bazalgette, a television producer and media analyst, said that much of the political and commercial criticism was unpersuasive to the BBC’s still-loyal audiences.
He went on: “In the Internet age, in a Tower of Babel of rumor and paranoia and the place where people think that Elvis is alive, Paul McCartney is dead and the Jews blew up the Twin Towers, there is more of an argument than ever for an independent, state-funded, trusted and reliable source of news and information. If you drastically change it, you’re chucking away a great deal of what makes it great.” 

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