Monday, April 11, 2011

Mobile ad revenue surpasses online

Mobile advertising revenues in Canada are forecast to top $51 million in 2010, eclipsing online revenue growth at a time when traditional media continue to see fewer ad dollars. Ads for consumption on smartphones blew past expectations and grew by 169% to reach more than $31.9 million in 2009, the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada found. Expectations were for $18 million. "Mobile marketing was well on its way to reaching critical mass as of 2009," said Steve Rosenblum, director of research for IAB Canada. "Given that the study was conducted late in 2010, budgeted estimates should also paint a very accurate picture of growth for the whole year, and as a result, show even more momentum building in 2010." The mobile ad explosion hit while mature major media saw an 11% revenue decline across TV, newspaper, radio, out of home and magazines. Mobile ads are even growing 23 times faster than online revenues, IAB Canada said. .

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