Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harassment charges dropped against HGTV host

Prosecutors withdrew all charges against HGTV co-host Anthony Sayers on Tuesday, his lawyer says. The contractor is pursuing legal action against the Toronto Police Service as a result of what he calls “false charges” and a “malicious media attack.”
Dubbed the “trusty contractor” in the popular show The Unsellables, Sayers was arrested last month and charged with extortion, one count of attempted fraud under $5,000 and two counts of criminal harassment. Two weeks later, the charge of extortion was dropped. According to police, the owner of a home on a crescent near Yonge St. and Summerhill Ave. hired Sayers’ general contracting company to finish work begun by another contractor. After the first week, homeowner Doreen Boulos was disappointed with the work. Police alleged the contractor and his client had an argument, and that, in the following weeks Boulos was contacted “sometimes several times a day, and the communications were hostile” and escalating. In a Toronto Police news release dated March 14, it was said “police believe there may be more victims.” Prosecutors had the remaining charges dismissed Tuesday

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