Friday, September 23, 2011

CRTC outlines rules for controls on web traffic

The CRTC plans to release quarterly updates on the traffic management practices of the country's largest Internet providers, and if any break the rules, the public is going to hear about it. The Commission issued a news release clarifying how it plans to deal with complaints from Canadians about how Internet service providers (ISPs) are managing web traffic. Two years ago, the CRTC ruled ISPs could employ traffic management practices - such as slowing down certain forms of peer-to-peer file transfers - to maintain a constant level of service on their networks. Some ISPs, such as BCE Inc.'s Bell Canada, slow down or "shape" certain Internet traffic to preserve the integrity of their networks. The ISPs contend that certain applications, such as peer-to-peer traffic, are used by a minority of Internet users, but can consume a great deal of bandwidth, slowing down service for everyone else on the network.

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